Bend Comedy Presents: “THE TARGE” Comedy Team!! – Sept 26 – Summit Saloon

Bend Comedy Presents:


– ALEX RIOS – @Rioshoneybear
Alex Rios, born in a haunted Troll doll factory, complete with a Party Girl tramp stamp and mutton chops. This weirdly hairy, tattooed infant was sent to save the human race from the evil party killers.
Alex Rios is probably a space robot but definitely a comedian based in Portland, OR. His absurdist perspective takes audiences through a Willy Wonka tunnel ride, full of glory holes and glitter bombs.
Rios has been featured at Ventura Comedy Festival 2014, Idaho Laugh Fest 2015, performs at Harvey’s comedy club.

– SCOOT HERRING – @ScootHerring
8 bit comedian and retro video game enthusiast, Scoot Herring, is a what later scientists will call a “gentle bro.” He has been described as “The Ryan Gosling of Portland Comedy”. By one person. that person was himself but Scoot Herring takes what he can get. He’s humble like that. A tall drink of nerd rage who avoids eye contact with other men, Scoot Herring is a comedian that hates things you probably never heard of. He was runner up in 2014’s Oregon’s Last Comedian Standing, a semi finalist in Portland’s Funniest Person Contest 2014, and placed 27th out of 34 in 2013’s Seattle International Comedy Competition which he is proud of for some reason.

– ADAM PASI – @adampasi
Adam Pasi has always been the one among his friends to tell the story about the stuff that happened the night before. Now, as a comedian he enjoys telling audiences about the stuff that has happened to him throughout his entire life. As well as his thoughts and opinions of the world around him. He has performed at both Bridgetown and Limestone comedy festivals. He also hosts at Harvey’s and Helium comedy club. With a style that is equal parts silly and intense, Adam takes great joy in performing for anyone willing to listen.


Hosted by: Ryan Traughber

Showcase: $8 Online / $10 at the door

Age: 21+



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