Improv Comedy Workshop – With Jason VanGlass & Becky Sanders – Deschutes Public Library – Eastside – February 24

Scenework That Sustains

Learn the fundamentals of longform improv, and the simple techniques that will let you build sustainable scenes filled with honest laughter. Discover how to organically create and explore hilarious ideas naturally, through listening and agreement. 

Los Angeles based improvisors Becky Sanders and Jason Van Glass focus on scenework that starts strong, revels in detail, and has enough heart to carry a performance of any length or design. Their tag-team teaching style creates a fun, uplifting, and hands on experience for performers of all experience levels.


This 3 hour workshop will be 12-3pm
at the Deschutes Public Library – Eastside
February 24th

There are only 16 spots available for this class.

You can enroll here:

There is an enrollment fee of $25
All students must be over the age of 16


Your Improv Teachers:

Jason VanGlass
Master of the one-liner, and favorite comedian of servicemen and presidents alike, Jason Van Glass is one of the nation’s most-beloved entertainers, a millionaire many times over, and a star in every category open to him: vaudeville, radio, television, and film, most notably a string of “Road” movies with longtime friend Bing Crosby. He has performed at the Bridgetown, SF Sketchfest, and Crom Comedy Festivals, and traveled countless miles to entertain his troops in cities like Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco. The Bob Hope American Patriot Award is named in his honor.

Becky Sanders
A prolific improviser and musician based in Los Angeles, California.
Becky is a veteran performer on house teams at iO West, ComedySportz, Second City, and The Pack Theater, where her team yay! currently hosts the Death Match. She is also a singer-songwriter/guitarist, and performer on the acclaimed musical-improv shows The Sound of Musical and The Live Sessions. This is the part of the bio where she wrote something non-sequitur or charming, perhaps a short anecdote to indicate she is a fun person who doesn’t take writing her own biography 100% seriously.




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