Bend Comedy Presents: Eric Alexander Moore & Friends – Double J Saloon – Redmond – May 31

Bend Comedy returns to Redmond to present another great standup comedy show! The Double J Saloon, in downtown Redmond, hosts Central Oregon’s best comedy lounge.


Orphaned at the age of 12, Eric Alexander Moore set out to work at the mill. Hell, everybody who lived in the town of Merle Peak worked at the mill once they came of age. That or left town for the promise of a better life. But Eric had neither the means nor the inclination. Eric married his cousin, Estelle Alexandria Moore, at 15 and they built their first house a mile outside of town. Well, it’s all city now, but way back then it was country. They had 13 children, all of whom were named after people in the Book of Mormon (the book, not the movie). Eric died in March 1922 at the age of 38 and is survived by Estelle Alexanderia Moore, Abish Alexander Moore, Nehor Alexander Moore, King Benjamin Alexander Moore, Lehi Alexander Moore, Riplakish Alexander Moore, Tubaloth Alexander Moore, Zeezrom Alexander Moore, Jesus Christ, Pagag Alexander Moore, Hagoth Alexander Moore, Captain Moroni Alexander Moore, Seezoram Alexander Moore, and Enos Alexander Moore.


The only thing bigger than his ego is his crippling insecurity, and he’ll make sure you belly laugh as he flip-flops between them. Mike McGowan performs all over the West Coast despite our best efforts to hoard him in Eugene.


Cienna Jade has been regularly performing stand up comedy for three years throughout Oregon. Her style is described as harsh but oddly sweet, sardonic, and definitively dirty. Currently, she runs Eugene’s Best Medicine Comedy Showcase which supports local comedians and charities based out of Lane County with the performances by noteworthy talent from across the Pacific Northwest.


8pm – May 31st

The Double J Saloon
Downtown Redmond

Age: 21+



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