Fuzzy Logic – Episode 01 – Pilot Episode

Fuzzy Logic – Episode 1 – Pilot Episode


“Fuzzy Logic” is a live, interactive, variety show, for geeks and nerds! Produced and hosted by local Bend, Or nerds, ready to share their passions and interests. Our guest panel of experts, professionals and comedians will teach and entertain. Everyone attending gets a chance to interact with the show and the guests. From audience trivia, to the Q&A with our panel of specialists, everyone will get a chance to play along. (IG @FuzzyLogic) (IG @BendComedy)


Host: Ryan Traughber (IG @Ryan_Traughber)
Consigliere: Elaine Johnson (IG @Elaine_in_the_membrane)
Antagonist: Brad Knowles (IG @MightyJustice)
Dungeon Master: Jake Bladorn (Life)

Intermediary: Dusty York (IG @DustyMYork)
Comedian: Derek Sheen (TW @DerekSheen)
Expert: Dr. Wendi Wampler (IG @AmirahFusion)

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